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Managed Security and Network Services

Most organisations are dependent upon their IT network for the efficient provision of internal services and external communications. For some, core customer services and essential internal processes are totally dependent upon assured IT performance. These organisations need the high security and resilient network design expertise that Kerna Communications brings to its Managed Network Services.

Business Needs Focus

Kerna offers managed services tailored to each client's needs, IT risk profile and resource constraints. Our experience is that although there are many similarities between the compliance and IT security challenges faced by companies in the same business sector, they are seldom the same. Different corporate histories, network technologies, IT policies, resource constraints, IT skill levels and business goals mean different requirements for managed network services.

Kerna will focus first on understanding your business needs as this determines the relative importance of your operational risks and what is the most cost-effective security architecture to manage, monitor and to control these risks.

Managed services reduce business risks from change

There are significant business and IT risks in a major network upgrade. The network may be exposed to new threats. IT staff can be over-stretched or reach the limits of their expertise. These risks need careful management.

Kerna's Managed Services reduces and shares these risks as clients have access to a deep pool of expertise in the design, upgrade and management of secure and resilient network architectures. Kerna will take requirements through design to successful implementation as a Managed Service and provide all the associated technology procurement, project management, test, training, installation and support services as needed.

Gap Analysis: Business Needs / IT Network

A gap analysis that looks at the difference between business needs and the IT network will throw up issues of performance, resilience, security and manageability that will inform both client planning and Kerna's Managed Services design. The vulnerability assessment will identify single points of failure and potential performance bottlenecks during peak traffic flows, as well as a prioritised assessment of internal and external threats and the adequacy of internal IT procedures.

Kerna has a pro-active approach to secure Managed Services that goes well beyond passive or reactive monitoring. We will help our clients update their security policy to match their business needs and to cope with the latest threats. Our structured approach based on identifying and prioritising all IT business risks, also ensures that clients IT infrastructure can securely support any planned future business growth, including seasonal peaks in customer demand, as well as defend against both internal and external threats.

Resilient network design together with sophisticated monitoring will enable clients to manage and to recover quickly from major external events, such as a power outage, or a large distributed denial of service attack.

To reduce an organisation's risk profile it is equally important to manage internal threats, such as those caused by outbound email with content potentially harmful to an organisation's brand, reputation or intellectual property.

Kerna's assessment of security vulnerabilities is based upon the industry proven principles outlined in ISO27001. We recommend that our clients progressively implement the ISO27001 industry best practice approach to IT security, as adopting this structured methodology will enable most regulatory compliance targets to be hit. Each customer has their own specific compliance requirements and these may be industry specific or generic, Kerna's consultant lead approach allows us to worth with the regulatory compliance standards applicable to a that client.

Managed Network Services

Kerna's bespoke approach to managed services enables an organisation to match its risk and resources profile with an appropriate level of managed service. Managed Network Services include: